Biscuit Boulevard did not get it’s name without a reason, it is famous for having the best cookie factory in the country. After being closed down for a while, the factory is ready to open up again. On the night before the grand opening, the unimaginable happens, something nobody ever thought could happen. Theories are talked about and possible culprits are being named, but no-one seems to be able to solve the mystery. This is why we need your help!

Come on Friday the 7th of July to Biscuit Boulevard on Playground Don Bosco Oud-Heverlee to kick of the summer in an incredible way. Everybody is welcome starting from 17 o’clock. The inhabitants of biscuit boulevard will welcome all the Sherlock Holmes hidden in the children and parents with open arms and show them around in the Italian restaurant for a grand pasta-buffet and in all the other buisnesses that are located on this street, like the hairdresser, the clown, the artist, … We close of the day with two top notch bands, namely Street Stamp and Chimney, who will bring even more fun to the most enjoyable street of the country.

See you there!

In short:

Open housing day DBOH: Mystery on Biscuit Boulevard!

Friday the 7th of July, starting from 17 o’clock with a pasta buffet and a show where bands will be performing

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