- Children between the age of 3 and 15 years old

- Playing under the guidance of (head) animators

- Children go home to eat or bring their own lunch to eat with the animators

- Between 10.00 o'clock and 17.00 o'clock




- Free




- Schorenshof

- Rietensplein

- Hoogland

- MAC-plein 1

- MAC-plein 2


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Speelplein Don Bosco Oud-Heverlee is the priviliged patner of Vleugel F, the youth service of the city of Leuven, to staff some districts in and around Leuven during the summer. All children from the neigbouhoud are more than welcome during the summer holiday to play with the animators and to do wonderful stuff.


The playground-van brings the entire district-crew, including a suitcase full of wonderful game-ideas, to Leuven. Starting from 10 pm, the district containter of MAC-tent opens. This is the starting shot for a whole day of fun and delight! The kids can come and go, they can bring their siblings, friends and even their belongings to the playground. There are all sorts of activities, like telling sotries, playing games, drawing and coloring. In short: a varied programme for all children.


Around 12 o'clock, it is time for lunch. The children can go home to eat, but they can also join the animators. After an hour the playground continues, because either the toddlers are hanging around the animator's legs, or the primary school wants to play footbal, while the eldest children want to play some exciting games. Around 16h30, the animators start cleaning up and closing the containers of tents, because at 17h, the playground-van comes to pick them up, which means it is the end of the day at the districts.


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