You can enroll for the summer of 2017 on the following moments:


  • During the PRE-ENROLMENT DAYS in the week from the 26th of June until the 30th of July:

Monday 25th: 16h-20h

Tuesday 26th: 16h-20h

Wednesday 27th: 14h-20h

Thursday 28th: 16h-20h

Friday 29th: 16h-20h



  • EACH DAY ON THE PLAYGROUND BETWEEN 8 o’clock and 18 o’clock on the secretariat. The first week can be quite busy, so if you want your child to come during the first week, it is best to enroll him / her during the pre-enrolment days.


The registration always take place at the playground



Did you know ...


  • That each child is welcome at every moment? You do not need to specify which days your child is going to come to our playground: there is always room for your child. Our animators indicate on the attendance list if your child is present. The bill is based on these attendance lists. If your child arrives during the day, we ask you to stop by the secretariat, so we can make sure that your child is enrolled for that day.


  • That we have at least four computers available at all times at the secretariat?



Instructions for registration


  • Each child has to be enrolled by a parent or a legal guardian.


  • Please bring a picture of each child and two notes from your Health Service to the enrolment. A document of the family composition is necessary for families with three children or more.


  • Teenagers have to bring their I.D.


  • We ask a one-time payment of 7 euros for insurance


  • Each child has to pay the daily price of 5 euros. From the third child onwards, you do not have to pay this daily fee. You have to bring a document that proves the family composition to the regristration. The one-time payment of 7 euros for insurance has to be paid by each child.



What is included in the price?


  • Free bus service from Leuven and surrounding districts to the playground


  • Activities on the playground


  • A snack at 3 o’clock


  • An extra financial compensation could be asked for special activities



Instructions for payment


  • The payment happens through a transfer to the account with number 734-3770958-92 of Don Bosco Jongerenwerking vzw, Don Boscolaan 15, 3050 Oud-Heverlee.


  • After week 3, week 6 and week 8, we distribute forms for transfer to the children, which represents the amout you have to pay.



Tax certificates


You can bring in the costs of the care of your childen below the ages of 12 as a reduction of your taxable income. The tax certificate that is needed for this, will be send automatically to everyone who pays their bills on time af ter the summer. This certificate is proof of the amount you paid for the care of your child. More information is to be found on the website



Getting a tax rebate from your health service


You can get a tax rebate via your healt service. You have to send the neccesary papers of the health service together with a stamped enveloppe (with address) to our playground or give it to us when you come to register your child. As soon as all the bills are paid, we send you the filled-in papers .