Each group has a weekly special activity. When these activities take place on the playground, no extra fine has to be paid. When we move somewhere esle (e.g. to a recreation area), we ask a small financial contribution to pay for the enterance and the bus service. We pass out notes for registration during the week and these will also appear on the website. Most of the time you can registrate until the morning of the activity. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Participating in the special activities outside of the playground is not mandatory! Some animators remain on the playground and prepare activities for the children who stay on the playground.

Below you can find an overvieuw of the activities for the upcoming summer. These dates can only change because of organisatory reasons.

Each week we provide a special activity. Below you can find an overview of the activities of the upcoming summer of 2019. The activities are not mandatory. There will be normal activities on the playground if your child does not participate



Primary School


Week 1


Friday 6th of July

COSI:Walk with Shetlanders

MAXI: Visit to the Army

Thursday 4th of July

Workshop Graffiti 

Wednesday 3rd of July

Week 2


Friday 12th of July


Friday 12th of July


Friday 12th of July

Week 3

Walk with Shetlanders + feeding ducks

Wednesday 17th of July

COSI: Sleepover Wednesday 18th of July- Thursday 19th of July

MAXI:Swimming Sportoase

Thursday 18th of July


Week 4


Friday 26th of July

COSI and MAXI: Provenciaal Domein Park

Friday 26th of July

Dropping + survival + sleepover

Thursday 25th of July

Week 5

Indoor Playground

Thursday 1st of August

COSI: Soldier-Day

Friday 2nd of August

MAXI: Sleepover

Wednesday 31th of July- Thursday 1st of August


31st of July - 2nd of  August

Week 6

Child Farm

Thursday 8th of August

COSI: Swimming 

Friday 9th of August

MAXI: Escape Room

Thursday 8th of August

City game

Friday 9th of August

Week 7

Sweet Water Park (Zoete Waters)

Wednesday 14th of August

COSI: Bike Parcour

Wednesday 14th of August

MAXI: Halve Maan park

Wednesday 14th of August

Halve Maan - Park

Wednesday 14th of August

Week 8

Closing off festivity

Friday 24th of August

MAXI + COSI : Closing off festivity

Friday 24th of August

Teenager Party

Thursday 23rd of August