Maxi's (2005-2007)


As you can see is our former group of the primary school replaced by two new groups, namely the Cosi’s and the Maxi’s. The eldest group, the maxi’s, contains the 10-,11- and 12-year olds. By separating these two groups, we are able to provide activities that are more exciting and adapted to their age.


  • 7.30 u. - 9.30 u.:
  • 9.30 u.:
  • 9.30 u. - 09.45 u.:
  • 09.45 u. - 12.00 u.:
  • 12.00 u. - 12.30 u.:
  • 12.30 u. - 13.10 u.:
  • 13.10 u. - 13.30 u.:
  • 13.30 u. - 14u30 u.:
  • 14.30 u. - 14.45 u.:
  • 14.45 u. - 15.00 u.:
  • 15.00 u. - 16.30 u.:
  • 16.30 u.:
  • 17.00 u. - 18.00 u.:

Pre-playground care

Arrival of the busses

Gathering in own group

Activity in age groups


Free play


Free play



Activities in mixed groups

Gathering to go home

After-playground care


- Children between the age of 10 and 12

- Playing under the guidance of (head) animators and free playing

- We ask to bring your own lunch to our playground (sandwiches + drink). The playground provides a snack in the afternoon.


- Pre-playground care from 7h30

- Start of the daily program at 9h30

- End of the daily program at 17h00

- After playground care until 18h00


- More information is to be found here


- More information is to be found here


The Maxi's can enjoy some special activities during the summer. All of the children have the chance to stay overnight, the younger ones in the reception room, the older ones outside in tents if the weather allows it. We also go swimming and on our famous ‘Business day’, the children get the chance to meet a real policeman, nurse or scientist. These are only some of the offerings, there are many more. Our headanimators are already busy with planning these special activities.

All the information you need for these activities will be made available via this website, via email and via a note distributed to the children.

The Maxi’s are the best at building camps, making cool crafts, you name it. We make sure that they have the space and guidance to do this. The organized activities ensure that the children are able to make friend with kids from their own age. We also offer guided 'free play', in which they can invoke their own creativity and fantasy in a green and safe environment.