TEENAGERS (2002-2004)

The teenagers play the craziest games together with the animators and the head-animators. A selection of our games include building your own swimming pool, a life-size jungle speed, ‘fireball’ and many more. On top of that we provide a room for each group, in which the teenagers can chill from time to time, in a way only teenagers can.


We offer a range of different special activities during the summer. Each year we organize our famous, unforgettable three-day trip, our laser shooting day and we end the summer traditionally with a splendid ‘farewell party’.

All the information you need for these activities will be made available via this website, via email and via a note distributed to the children.


- Youngsters from 13 to 15 years old

- Activities prepared by our animators

- We ask to bring your own lunch to our playground (sandwiches + drink). The playground provides a snack in the afternoon.

- The teenagers are divided into groups of their own age:

Group 1: boys and girs between 13 and 14 years old

Group 2: boys and girls of 15 years old


The timetable of the teenagers is a bit looser than that of the other children, which is why we only give a brief outline of their day. We do ask our teenagers to be present from 9h30 until 17h00 to make sure that all of the activities pass through as planned.

- Pre-playground care from 7h30

- Start of the daily program at 9h30

- End of the daily program at 17h00

- After-playground care until 18h00


- More information is to be found here


- More information is to be found here