TODDLERS (2012-2014)

  • 7.30 u. - 9.30 u.:
  • 9.30 u.:
  • 9.30 u. - 10.00 u.:
  • 10.00 u. - 12.00 u.:
  • 12.00 u. - 12.45 u.:
  • 12.45 u. - 14.00 u.:
  • 14.00 u. - 15.00 u.:
  • 15.00 u. - 15u15 u.:
  • 15.15 u. - 16.30 u.:
  • 16.30 u. - 17.00 u.:
  • 17.00 u.:
  • 17.00 u. - 18.00 u.:

We expect your child to be potty-trained. We provide many moments during the day during which the toddlers can go to the toilet.

Pre-playground care

Arrival of the busses

Gathering the toddlers +  theater

Activity in their own group


Free play in toddlerland

Activities in mixed groups


Free play in toddlerland

Gathering the toddlers to go home

Departure of the busses

After playground care


- Our animators prepare activities, which are alternated with periods of free play under the guidance of the (head) animators

- We ask you to bring your own lunch to our playground (sandwiches + drink). The playground provides a snack for the afternoon.

- In the forenoon, the toddlers are divided into groups of their own age:

  • Three-year olds: hearts
  • Four-year olds: clouds
  • Five-year olds: sunshines

All of the toddlers play together during the free playing period


- Pre-playground care from 7h30

- Start of the daily program at 9h30

- End of the daily program at 17h00

- After-playground care until 18h00


- More information is to be found here


- More information is to be found here

Toddlers can truly be toddlers with us. They learn to play together and to make friends, all under the guidance of certified (head) animators. The children are introduced into a world full of fantasy, puppet shows and toddler-theater. You can often find our toddlers in Toddlerland, a true paradise for each and every toddler/



The toddlers can enjoy some special activities throughout the summer, such as a visit to the children’s farm, the market, the recreation park Zoete Waters and many more. Our headanimators are already busy with planning these special activities.

All the information you need for these activities will be made available via this website, via email and via a note distributed to the children.



The toddlers spend a big part of their day in Toddlerland. One of the many advantages of our playground is that the children have many opportunities to play in nature. For our youngest group this means a fully marked territory where they can play freely and safely. Next to a green environment, they are also provided with outdoor equipment to play with, such as small swings, a slide and a large sandpit.