A playground without animators would not be possible: they are the architects of wonderful games, the actors of dramatical theatre plays and also the heroes of the children. This is all volunteer work for them!

Most of our animators have already had training practice and are the proud owner of an certificate, given by the Flemisch Community. Others are still growing in their animator skills. All of the animators, no matterh their age or experience, get personal care from a head animator.

The animators are the one that spend the most time with the children. Each evening they prepare a playful programme. They try to get every child to experience a wonderful day on the playground. The head animators support the animators in the organization.



Would you like to be an animator for one  or more weeks on  Speelplein Don Bosco Oud Heverlee?  You are perfectly right! Registrate yourself and claim the weeks you would like to come!

More information about 'being an animator' and information about the registration for the summer of 2016 is to be found here.


We worke closesly with Jeugddienst Don Bosco. This is an organization that offers many possibilities to follow a course ofor becoming an animator.  We encourage you to follow such a course:  the best instructors teach you the  tricks of the trade. Some of these instructors are also head animators or playground managers on our playground.

More information about the courses is to be found  here.

Did you follow the course of animator and are you looking for a play to be trained?  Speelplein Don Bosco Oud-Heverlee is the  ideal playground to get your certificate of animator. We are  a recognized trainee post by the Flemish government

Do you have any questions, Do not hesitate to contact us! More information about the renuwed evaluation processes is to be found  here.