Our head animators have already proven to be  excellent animators and to have an eye for practical arrangements. They are here to pass out their knowledge to the animators, to make sure that their groups have the best day possible. Each group (toddlers, primary school, teenagers and districts) have at least 2 head animators. All of the  followed a course to become great head animators.  Our playground has  about 40 head animators.

Four times a year, the playground management  organizes  a meeting with the head animators. In those meetings they discuss all sorts of things and they think about some changes that we want to make.  Specific groups are made to organize specific things throughout the year:  advertisment, seeking sponsors, gathering material, search for music, write theater plays, organize special activities, ... We also have a group  of handymen who make sure that everything on the playgroud   is  shipshape.