Kitchen crew

The kitchen crew makes sure that the animators  can eat theirs fill. In the morning they set out  sandwiches and fillings.  The animators prepare their own lunch, which they can eat with the children. For the evening, the kitchen crew prepares a  whole menu , so the animators can regain their strenght.


The economy  is run by one person, who is responsible for the supplies of the playground. When the animators need something for an activity, when the kitchen crew needs certain ingredients or when the playground management has special needs, this person goes out and does the shopping. Most of the time they take a member of the kitchen crew with them. It is also their responsibility to make sure that the 3 o'clock snacks  are ready to be taken to the children.


The people that work on the secretariat make sure that  all of the paperwork during the summer is been handled. They help the parents with the enrollment of their children, they fill out the insurance papers, they keep track of the  attendance lists, ... They are also the main  contact point for the parents whey they arrive at the playground or contact the playground by phone. When a child has ahurt himself, he can go to the secretariat to get first aid. If necessary, the parents are contacted and the child could be taken  to the doctor.

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