If we should be happy about something on our playground, it has to be our green environment. Our domain includes a forest. For many children, this is the chance to play in a natural environment during the summer. The construction of camps is luckily allowed and there is no obligation to follow the paths in the forest.


Our whole area is enclosed, in order for the children not to get away. The toddlers have their own toddlerland, an area secluded from the other children, where they can play in nature under the watchful eye of the (head) animators.

1) Free play

This is where the day stars for most of the children. The pre-playground care for all the groups takes place here. We gather the Primary School and the Teenagers here every morning. This place is located at the front of our domain and is equipped with different  constructions, such as swings, a slide and a climbing frame. This is also the place where the after-playground care takes place.


The entrance of the secretariat (13) is situated on the free play. Parents who have questions can come in at every moment of the day.

3) The forest

2) Football field

This large, open, green field is a place for the children to play football during the pre or after playground care and during the lunchbreak. Many of the activities organized by the animators take place on this field.

4) The alley

The forest is a large part of the area of our playground. The primary school or the teenagers come to play here during activities in the forenoon. The primary school is allowed into the forest in the afternoon to build camps, while a number of animators is checking in on them.

5) Mountain of sand

The children of the primary school can play on a gigantic mountain of sand in the afternoon. Many beautiful sandcastles made by the children are to be found here  every year.

7) Old toilets

This place might be familiar for those among us who used to come to our playground a long time ago. We have transformed this place, using large planks, and made the largest chalk-wall on earth!

9) Toddlerland

The toddlers have their own private play-area on our playground. This area is situated at the youthrooms and is equipped with outdoor playing material made specifically for younger kids. Toddlerland is fully fenced on its own, so the children can never escape the watchful eye of the (head) animators.

11)Dining room and theater room

These are the two largest places on our playground. The ground-floor is the dining-room of the primary school. The theater room is used in the morning to watch our daily theater. These are also the two places where the Primary school plays when the weather is bad.

13) Secretariat

This is the beating heart of our playground. You can come here for registration or specific questions. One of our secretariat-workers or someone of the playground management will help you there. The secretariat is also the place where our first-aid station is located.

The alley is a sandy road that goes through the forest. Strange but true, this is a place where the most original games take place, organized by our animators! This is also the perfect place for the toddlers to leave their ‘toddler-environment’ for a while to enter the world of the primary school. The animators can easily keep an eye on the children!

6) Volleyball field

Our domain has also a couple of sports fields, including a volleyball field.

8) Basketball field

This field is equipped with a large basketball pole, which makes this our third sports field! Besides playing basketball, this field is also the location for our famous construction area! The children can build small (or large) houses with (empty!) crates. Guaranteed pleasure for the architects among us!

10) Youthrooms and courtyard

We also call these classrooms the “New Estate”. The toddlers and teenagers have their own rooms. One of these is called the polyvalent room, which is a room in which the toddlers can play when the weather is bad. This place is also used for making crafts.

12) Crafsroom and materialroom

These are the two oldest places on our playground. These have to make room for a new building after the summer. We will use these new buildings for the first time during the summer of 2017.

The material-room is used to store all of our playing material. The children of the primary school can come here to borrow material, such as balls and tennis rackets during the free play. The second room is the crafts-room, in which crafts are made daily by the primary school