To make our playground as accessible as possible, we offer bus services twice a day. These buses pick up the children in the morning and drop them of in the evening at fixed bus stops.  The bus service is completely free of charge.

Click here for more information (schedule and bus stops) about the bus service.


A bus stop from De Lijn is located at the entrance of our playground. Bus 337 passes this bus stop everyday, every half hour.  Visit the website of De Lijn for more information about the schedule.


A train station (station of Oud-Heverlee) is located at a 5-minute walking distance from our playground. The train towards Leuven or Ottignies passes this train station every half hour.  Visit the website of NMBS for more information about the schedule.

Don Boscolaan 15, 3050 Oud-Heverlee


- If you drive with a GPS, we advise you to navigate to “Kloosterdreef 3050 Oud-Heverlee”. This is not the official address of our playground, but this avenue is part of most of the navigation systems.

- Ring road of Leuven (R23)

- When you reach Naamse Poort, take the Naamsesteenweg (N25).

- Right before the railway, turn right. Go straight ahead for 200 meters and turn left in the direction of St-Joris-Weert and Oud-Heverlee.

- Follow this road (= Waversebaan) for about 5 kilometre past the centre of Oud-Heverlee.

- Drive up the driveway (= Kloosterdreef) in front of the practice fields of soccer club OHLeuven.

- You will arrive at the parking lot in front of the convent of Don Bosco