our domain


We are happy to be located in a very green environment. After all, a big part of our domain consists of forest. For many children, this is the perfect opportunity to play outside in a truly natural environment during the summer. In addition, it is fortunately not prohibited to build camps in our forest. You are also not restricted to the indicated paths.

The big domain is completely fenced, so children cannot just run away. In addition, for toddlers there is 'Kleuterland' (Toddler Land), a separate playground where they can play around in nature under the watchful eye of their (head) monitor.


This is where the day starts for most children. All groups will be gathered in this place. This area is located at the front of the site and is equipped with all kinds of playground equipment, such as swings, a slide and wooden climbing frames... The children will also be gathered here in the evening for the evening care, when the buses leave at 17.00h. 

The entrance to the secretary office is also at the free play area, so parents can go there at any time of day with their questions.


This large, open, grassy area is ideal for children to play football during lunchtime or during the daycare hours. In addition, the monitors organize many games on this field. The Maxis gather here in the morning, afternoon and evening in their age groups.


The forest covers a large part of the domain of our child care centre. The Maxis, Cosis and Teens can come and play here in the morning when we offer games. In addition, the Maxis and the Cosis can play here freely in the afternoon.  This allows them to build plenty of camps while a number of monitors keep an eye on them.


The basketball field is ideal for the Cosis and Maxis for different types of games. The Cosis gather here in the morning, during noon and in the evening in their age groups. Besides playing basketball, this location is mainly used for building houses with our renowned bins.   Guaranteed fun for the little architects among us, who can go crazy on this building site!


Our domain has plenty of sports fields.    The volleyball field is one of them. Despite the name, this field is not used that often for playing volleyball. Our monitors have enough imagination to transform this field into anything.


In the child care centre, these rooms are sometimes called 'nieuwbouw' (newly constructed).  The teenagers have their own rooms here and you will also often see them "chilling out" in the courtyard. The right side of this domain is theirs.

On the other side of the courtyard in the corner you can find the crafts rooms. Every group can go here and be creative. In the afternoon you can always find some of the Cosis and Maxis doing craft activities here.


In the equipment room, children from the groups Cosis and Maxis can borrow games and other items to play with.  Our equipment room offers skateboards, roller skates, tennis rackets, stilts, soccer balls, circus material, etc. 

In the crafts room, the Cosis and the Maxis can develop their creativity and create the most beautiful works of art.


This is the beating heart of our child care centre.  For registrations or specific questions you can always come here. You will always be assisted by one of our secretaries or by someone from the leading staff of the child care centre. Our first-aid post is also located near the secretary office.


The lane is a dirt road that runs straight through the forest.  It is weird, but true: the monitors often invent the craziest games here, such as a fantasy trip! It is also the perfect place for toddlers to leave their familiar surroundings of “Kleuterland” (Toddler Land) and to discover a new part of the care centre.


Here, in the afternoon, the children of the middle group can play to their hearts’ content on a giant sand hill. Many beautiful sandcastles or spectacular marble alleys are created here every year.


The toddlers have their own play area in the child care centre. 'Kleuterland' is located behind the toddler classrooms and is equipped with a lot of playground equipment tailored to the needs of our smallest rascals. “Kleuterland” is completely fenced off.


In the new toddler rooms, all our little ones can shelter from the bad weather, eat their lunch or take a nap.  The rooms are also located next to the special toilets for our toddlers, so we can easily move on to the rooms after the “pee train”.

In the toddler courtyard, right in front of the rooms, our monitors perform plays and sing songs together with great enthusiasm. Every summer, tents are set up in this sunny spot to protect our toddlers from the sun.


These are the two largest indoor spaces in our care centre. This comes in handy when the blue sky turns a little greyer and it starts raining.

During bad weather the first floor serves as the dining hall for the Cosis and Maxis. When the weather is better, they just eat at their gathering place outside.

The party room with a nice big stage is used if plays cannot be performed outside.

Both rooms are also used for play time if it is not possible to play outside. Then you will find the Maxis in the dining hall and the Cosis in the party room.