No playground is possible without animators: after all, they are the creators of brilliant games, the actors of dramatic plays, and thus the children's heroes. Moreover, they all do this on a voluntary basis!

It is not obligatory to have a certificate of animator to be on our playground. All animators, regardless of experience and age, are personally supervised by a head animator. And we can assure you that the children are in good hands terrect.

The animators of our playground are the ones who interact the most with the children. They prepare a playful program every evening. Thus, they try to make every child experience a wonderful day at the playground.

The main animators guide and support the animators in organization and play.


If you would love to be an animator for one or more weeks at playground Don Bosco Oud-Heverlee, you're absolutely right! Register like hell and claim the week(s) you'd like to come!

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