helping hands



The secretary staff takes care of all the paperwork during the summer. They help parents with the registration of their children, they fill in the insurance papers, they keep track of the daily attendance ....  They are the point of contact for parents when they come to the care facility or when they contact us by phone. When a child has a small medical issue, it also receives first-aid at the secretariat.  If necessary, the parents are contacted and the child will be brought to a doctor in time.


The kitchen team ensures that the animators have their breakfast and dinner. In the morning they provide sandwiches. The animators take care of their own lunch that they will eat together with the children and/or adolescents.  In the evening, the kitchen staff provides a full three-course menu, so that the monitors are replenished. 


The housekeeping department usually consists of one person who is responsible for the stock of the care facility.  If the animators need anything for a game, if the kitchen team needs certain ingredients, if the leading staff have certain wishes ... he/she goes shopping.  Because he/she is closely linked to the kitchen team, he/she usually goes shopping with one of them every day.  It is also his/her responsibility to make sure that the snacks are prepared and ready for everyone.


Do you feel like lending a helping hand by volunteering at the care facility for a week? Or do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Or contact the person in charge, Annabel De Vis: