social rate


As a Don Bosco summer camp, we find it very important that every child gets the chance to enjoy a day at summer camp without any worries. However, setting money aside for summer camp isn’t easy for every parent. This is why we offer summer camp at a social rate. Thanks to this project, children can enjoy summer camp for €2 instead of €5. Curious to see how we provide underprivileged kids an unforgettable day at summer camp?

Thanks to our projects, we are able to offer summer camps at this social rate. In the summer of 2017, Pjotr Hubin (who used to work for us as a youth leader), collected €5000 by tirelessly biking 450 km in 31 hours. In the summer of 2019, he broke his own record by covering 500 km in just 24 hours, leading him to collect €6000 for our socially motivated projects. 

This year, he passes the torch on to Wout Demin, Mats Esseldeurs, Bram Keppens, Rens Lemmens and Simon Maris. They will make the journey from our summer camp location to the roots of Don Bosco, in Turin. You can follow their 1000 km adventure at!

If you are wondering whether your child qualifies for this social rate, please send an email to During summer, you can also speak to one of the youth leaders or administrative workers.

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