social rate


As a Don Bosco playground, we are committed to ensuring that every child has the opportunity to enjoy a carefree playground day. Not all parents have an easy time keeping playground pennies on the side. Therefore, as a playground, we work with a social rate. Thanks to this project, children can come to the playground for €2 instead of €6. That way, all children get the chance to have an unforgettable playground day!


Thanks to our projects, we can make this social fare possible. (Former playground leader) Pyotr Hubin, with his enthusiastic cycling legs, collected €5000 in the summer of 2017 by cycling 450km in 31 hours. In the summer of 2019 he broke the record by covering a distance of 500km in just 24h, collecting €6000 in sponsorship money for our social project while cycling!

In 2022, he passed the flame to Wout Demin, Mats Esseldeurs, Bram Keppens, Rens Lemmens and Simon Maris. They made the passage from the playground to the roots of Don Bosco in Turin. They cycled 1000 km for our social rate!

Individual donors also provide a contribution to this project. Donations are always welcome by paying into our account (BE12 7343 7709 5892 - Don Bosco Jongerenwerking VZW). If you want your donation from €40 to be tax deductible, please contact us at


The social rate of €2 per day per child is applied to parents with 'increased allowance', subject to the issue of a sticker from the mutual insurance company.

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